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Easydry towels are highly absorbent, hygienic, convenient, cost-effective and most importantly, environmentally friendly



The Easydry special layering system soaks up moisture more effectively than any traditional towel.


Easydry uses the latest technology to create soft, fresh-smelling and highly absorbent disposable towels that impress and reassure clients every visit.


Easydry liberates you from the laborious task of laundering cotton towels and saves on precious storage space.


Using Easydry towels frees you from the fear of water and power bills spiralling out of control.  Easydry will also free up valuable employee time.

Environmentally friendly

With Easydry you no longer have to launder cotton towels (or send them out to be laundered) which eats up precious energy with washing and, especially, drying.

Every product in our range is made from certified renewable sources, where trees are planted for every one harvested and so helping to stop deforestation.

  • Made from renewable sources
  • Completely recyclable (a recycling bag is included in every box)
  • 100% biodegradable (within three months)
  • All packaging is compostable
  • Easy online ordering system

We've Got You Covered

Whether you run a busy hair salon, a state of the art fitness centre or a boutique beauty salon we have an eco-friendly, cost effective disposable towel for all your needs. You can explore our product ranges for the following types of businesses by following the links below:



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